Emotional Times

Well, yesterday like for many mums and dads around the country was a very emotional day.

Yes, it was the day for my daughter and her class from year 6, to perform their leavers assembly and celebrate in the evening with their leavers prom.

My day yesterday was extremely busy, starting off with the normal boring getting ready for school, and then sitting for the very last time, with all the other parents from my daughters class, to watch their leavers assembly.  Obviously, when your child reaches Year 6, you do not have to stand in the playground every morning and afternoon, so apart from their friends, you do not really see everyone from her class.  So, when they appeared on stage, you were already blown away by how much they had all grown up. Their performance, was outstanding, and so funny, they all did a fantastic performance, with lots of tears from the children and us parents, as we all know this will be the last time they will perform together, after 7 years of being in the same class.

The performance was followed by a picnic for the whole school and parents, as the school is also celebrating 60 years.  There was singing from school and dancing and their old Headmaster who retired a few years ago, came along to join in the celebrations.  It was lovely, the sun was shining and also was a last sit down and chat for all us mums.  We were also given our children’s last school reports, and we are very proud parents, my daughter received a fantastic report, and we could not be any prouder of her.

The afternoon, was spent running around and at the school setting up for their prom that evening, a lot of hard work went into it as we wanted it to be the best night they have ever had. Before rushing home to help my daughter get ready.  While I was setting up for the evening, I left my daughter with her Dad, under instructions to do her nails and have a shower, luckily my Mum turned up and did her nails for her.  I then had to do her hair when I got back and put a little bit of make up on.

When she was ready, she blew us away, she is growing into a very beautiful young lady and I had tears in my eyes.

At the prom, my husband who does photography set up to take the nights photos as the children arrived.  All the girls looked beautiful and so grown up and the boys looked so handsome in their suits.

They had such a fantastic evening, with Oscars being given out by their teacher and receiving a few other things, but the highlight was a video message from their Year 3 teacher who moved to another part of the country after their year, who they all adored, that was emotional as their faces were just amazing.  All the hours spent arranging the night and the running all over the place yesterday was worth every second, to see them have such an amazing evening, the last one they will all spend together.

We still have another 2 days at school and then that is it, end of an era, onto a new chapter in life.  But to see how my beautiful baby girl, has grown and is growing into a beautiful young lady and who does us proud everyday, is scary as it is just going too quickly and sometimes, I just want to press rewind, but amazing to think we are doing something right.

Right now, I am very emotional, but so proud to be her Mum.




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  1. Emma Jones
    18th July 2015 / 1:33 pm

    I appreciated reading that someone else feels the same way, it’s awful isn’t ?! They grow up too fast. My youngest son has just had his last day at primary school and it left me an emotional wreck (once I started crying I couldn’t stop)! I’m now trying to pull myself together and embrace the next chapter.

  2. admin
    19th July 2015 / 9:44 am

    Thank you, for your comments, it is lovely to know that others feel the same. It is very hard watching our babies, grow up and move onto their next chapter in life. We have our last day next Tuesday, watch this space for how I feel that day. We will get through this and will be crying again, in September when they look so little in their new school uniforms, going off on their first day x

  3. Adventures of a Novice Mum
    23rd July 2015 / 11:49 am

    You must have been really chuffed! How exciting. Year 6, I can’t even imagine year 1 right now. So lovely of their year 3 teacher to send the video message. Hope all you have a fab holiday as you not-so-little-daughter moves to Secondary school. I’m sure it was lots of proud moments 🙂 #TheBloggingMumsClub

    • admin
      23rd July 2015 / 2:59 pm

      Thank you, it is very exciting times, but mixed with a lot of emotions. It is hard to believe now that they have broken up, that they will no longer all be together. We have been very lucky to have such a fantastic class of children who all mixed lovely together, and this is still apparent with their constant chatting via group chats. I want to make these next few weeks special, as I know next year she will be doing her own thing probably. Us Mums were all so very proud of the kids. #BloggingMumsClub

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