Day 2 Of My Simply Cook Review

So I posted yesterday my review from the Simply Cook range, and my first try of their Nyonya Curry.

Last night, I cooked my second meal from the box Firecracker Chicken  11758967_10155847237845188_744511715_n


The ingredients I needed to add to this was:-


Chicken Thighs



Fresh Mint Leaves


Gem Lettuce

This recipe took a little bit longer to prepare than the day before, as I had to take the skin off the thighs and then remove the bone, I am not a butcher but did a pretty good job and they resembled chicken thighs after. Chop the mint leaves, thinly slice the radishes and peel and segment the oranges

Once all the preparation was done, again it was fairly easy with the step by step instructions and was quick and easy to prepare.

I have mixed reviews on the outcome of this dish, I will start by saying I do not like radishes, I have not tried them in years, so was open to try them again, I am not keen on lettuce either.


The taste of the sauce was lovely, different to what I have had before, but was sweet and had a bit of spice, but not overpowering.  I still do not like radishes and the orange just did not sit right in the dish, but the lettuce was fine.  My husband found the same thing as well.

I would cook this meal again, but maybe without the radishes and orange segments in it.

Check back tomorrow for my next review


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