How Times Have Changed

How Times Have Changed

When I was my daughter’s age (11), we did not have the technology that my daughters generation has. We never had mobile phones, or one of the many computer games. TV programs all day every day, and it got me thinking to how times have changed.

We used to play outside with friends, ride our bikes, make up new games.  It is amazing what a little bit of imagination does. Our parents did not have to ring us or text us to see where we were. We knew by the street lights or our watches that it was time to go home.


If you were lucky enough you would have a phone at home.  If not you would go to the pay phone on the corner to ring a friend. Television would be for a few hours a day and Saturday mornings, and there was only 3 channels.  I may be showing my age here.

Children today, need 24/7 stimulation.   If you look around, they have all the latest electrical games. They lack imagination to make the games up, or to make something like we used to do.

I remember when my daughter was younger, we used to sit and play games, had tea parties, made cakes and cookies, played with dolls etc.  This was all before she knew about the wonderful world of computer games, and all the other electrical devices that would lure her away from her imagination filled world of play.

She now has all of the above devices, I will admit that she does not use them for games much these days.  She is usually researching something, at the moment it is Japanese, how to learn the language and write it, and of course her passion of art, plus all the other things that pre-teens look at, music, fashion, make up, hair styles and styling.

Who is to blame?

Who is to blame for the way our children live these days, in a world full of electronic devices.  Is it the companies, with their brilliant selling techniques who makes us feel like we need their latest product.

I do feel, and I am very guilty of this myself, that I can not give my daughter the freedom that I myself used to have.  The world scares me, not a day goes by without some child going missing, or some child nearly being abducted.

Do you agree with how times have changed?

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How Times Have Changed

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  • Tori Gabriel 4 years ago Reply

    It is sad how technology is taking over and I am worried about the effects it will have on our children. However, if I try to limit “screen time” will it put them behind their peers at a later date?

    Tech is here to stay unfortunately but I can tell I am going to struggle to find a balance as the girls get older.

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    My daughter would live on her phone and iPad, and it is a tough one, as she is either talking with her friends or she is drawing or teaching herself something.Gone are the days where she would just sit and play games all the time. So now I feel I can not really limit her time anymore as she is doing something positive.

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