New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Hi and welcome to my blog StressedMum and new beginnings for us all.

I will start with introducing myself, I am Sam, married to my wonderful and patient husband.  I am also a stressed mum to my pre-teen daughter who is 12. Am also a wicked stepmum to two wonderful boys who are 17 and 21.  We also have a dog who is bonkers and a cat who is now a very old lady.

Like many others, we are just about to close one chapter of our lives, to start a new one.  My daughter is in her final couple of weeks of year 6 in Primary School. We are getting ready to start her new Secondary School in September.

It is a very busy time for us at the moment.  With final school trips, and getting ready for her class leavers assembly, and leavers prom.  We never had these in my day.  Dress and shoes have now been brought finally. It took a lot of trudging around shops and changing her mind on the colour of dress she wanted.  But we finally got there in the end.

It, is quite emotional thinking your baby is moving on, and after 7 years at her school, this is it. And this is where the questions start niggling away in your mind, will she be happy? will she be ok? On the plus side I no longer have to do school runs, although I am sure I will get the occasional cry of ‘Mum I will be late can you drive me to school’.

Then, there is the letting go stage, she is going to be wanting more freedom, I am going to be going greyer and pacing until she is home.

So as you can tell, this is going to be my journey of dealing with the ups and downs, tears and laughters of the pre-teen with all the drama that goes on in our household, and onward years.

New Beginnings


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Comments (4)

  • Tori Gabriel 4 years ago Reply

    God, the drama of that age! I agree with you. You could not pay me enough to go back to that time!

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    I would hate to be that age again, it all seems so much harder now as well to how it was when I was younger. Thank you x

  • Sarah Norris 4 years ago Reply

    It is definitely a time of transition, for both of you and I don’t envy you at all.
    I was a stepmum to my ex’s daughter from when she was 4 to when she was 15 and those last 3 years were the scariest !
    Even watching her body change was scary because I felt it made her more vulnerable, and as for trying to let her have more freedom……it was mental agony. Wanting to allow her the chance to grow, but desperately needing to keep her safe.
    Good luck, and eat chocolate !!!
    Sarah (Babyfriend) xxx

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    You have just described perfectly how I am feeling now and what we are going through now, it is a very scary time x

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