Easy Homemade Ice Cream

Easy Homemade Ice Cream

Sometimes we all fancy a nice bowl of ice cream especially on a hot day, something I always have in the freezer is my easy homemade ice cream, you do not even have to own an ice cream maker to make this, and it will always be smooth and creamy.

There is nothing nicer on a hot day than a scoop or two of ice cream, and even nicer when it is homemade.

We do not own an ice cream maker but it doesn’t stop us from making our own.

All you need is

1 can of condensed milk

1 tub of double cream


  • Whisk the cream until stiff
  • Stir in the condensed milk
  • Add whatever flavouring you fancy vanilla essence, chocolate chips, swirl in chocolate/strawberry/toffee sauce for a ripple effect, homemade cookie dough.

You can also use caramel condensed milk and add fudge pieces for something a little different, and this is so nice and a huge favourite in our house.

Once everything has been mixed, you simply pour into a container with a lid, and place in the freezer and then leave to freeze, you do not have to stir every hour or so, it is as simple as that.

Once frozen serve, it will be smooth and creamy.

We make this ice cream quie a lot in our house, with the favourite being cookie dough.  But we have tried a few varieties of flavours.  A word of warning, if trying a ripple do not put too much sauce in.  I tried to make chocolate ripple and the sauce did not freeze.  Although it still tasted amazing.

What flavour ideas would you make? Why not drop me a comment and I might feature them on my blog.

Do you make ice cream?

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Easy Homemade Ice Cream

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Comments (4)

  • Eileen Kelly 4 years ago Reply

    This sounds so easy – I have to try it!

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    It is very easy my daughter loves making it and coming up with various flavours x

  • Flavour Seeker 2 years ago Reply

    Lovely simple recipe. Going to give this a try!

    admin 2 years ago Reply

    It is so easy and takes no time at all, and once all mixed together you just pop in the freezer and leave it x

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