The ups and downs of living with a teen

Summer Is Coming

The sun is shining, which must mean one thing, summer is coming, and this also means holidays.  So I have been enjoying a nice morning coffee sat outside looking at holidays online. We have been talking for a while about holidays and where we would like to go and two places keep coming up in […]

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How To Stay In Control If You Are Working From Home

For many mothers, launching and running their own business from home is the ideal way to ensure that their career stays on track while balancing out running a busy household with childcare. However, even if you start with the best intentions in mind, you may find that you soon lose any sense of remaining in […]

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Benefits of Encouraging Healthy Habits in Children

If you are a parent, one way to prepare your little ones for their life is to encourage good habits. Habits are often formed from an early age so instilling the good ones is important while they are still learning. It can sometimes be difficult to get kids to eat the right things or get […]

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Is Your Child Unstoppable?

Those of us with older children, will know that it is not as easy keeping them entertained to when they were much younger.  Are you dreading the summer holidays already wondering how you will manage to get through it with a stroppy bored teenager, just ask yourself this question ‘Is your child unstoppable?’ if so […]

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How To Stay Happy Even With A Busy Schedule

Many parents want to do it all, but when they try to, they quickly notice how exhausted they feel. If this sounds like you, it’s important to understand that you can have a busy schedule and remain happy, if you’re mindful of your habits and how you treat yourself daily. It’s healthy to have responsibilities […]

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bNifty Review and Giveaway

We all have that someone to buy for who has everything, or you just buy the same present for them all the time, I know I do, and there is nothing wrong with that, but, I do often wish I could find something a little different that I know they would love but would not […]

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What are your rights as a working parent?

The end of maternity or paternity leave is sometimes a stressful time for new parents. Knowing what you are and aren’t entitled to when you step back into the workplace is confusing, but it could make the difference between a stress-free return to work and one littered with worry and uncertainty. Babythingz, a leading supplier […]

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Project SHOUT

Have you heard about Project SHOUT? If you have then this is a reminder update, if you have not heard about it then read on as it could save your life and that of your family. Project SHOUT is raising awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning, or the silent killer as it is also known.  We have […]

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How To Start Putting Your Needs First For A Change

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and other people’s problems and forget to take care of your own needs. What’s important is that you recognise when this situation starts to occur and that you take action immediately. There’s nothing wrong with stepping back and taking a moment to figure out […]

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My Top 5 Dream Cruise Holidays

With the weather giving us a little glimpse of spring, before going back to wet and dull grey days, I have been looking at holidays to cheer myself up, as C has a chronic illness we have already discussed that a cruise would be the easier option and less traumatic for her.  She would also […]

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